Our vision

StadtLABOR is an innovation platform for cooperative urban development. Urban quality of life as a goal requires a comprehensive and holistic view on different aspects of the city, thus an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach. In this sense, we work at the interface between city administration, developers, local businesses and institutions as well as citizens, promoting a new culture of cooperation and co-creation of solutions.

We define ourselves as an Innovation Lab, therefore, we follow different principles of „urban living labs“ in our daily work:

  • Long-term, strategic partnerships between urban stakeholders: Urban transformation takes place over a longer period of time. This process requires long-term partnerships based on a shared vision, mutual trust and enhanced cooperation at eye level.

  • Leave the seminar room and organize your meeting on-site: Depending on the project, we create accessible, low-threshold spaces for learning and cooperation in which stakeholders are able to develop and implement solutions together.

  • Knowledge transfer, experimentation and prototyping: Complex questions imply in general multiple responses. Whenever possible, we try out and test innovative urban solutions in a real-life context, making changes visible, thus accelerating innovation. 

  • sustainable cities as a goal: The city of the future is resource and energy-efficient, compact, mixed, inclusive and resilient. 

Since 2015, StadtLABOR is a member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), an international network with more than 170 members worldwide.