Depending on a specific project or assignment, we work as innovators, strategic partners, moderators and mediators or network and process facilitators, supporting the formation of liveable, affordable and sustainable cities and city districts.

Thanks to our interdisciplinary know-how, many years of project experience and an extended network of cooperation partners, we cover the entire innovation process, from problem analysis and generation of ideas, through finding solutions to project management and implementation.

Cooperative and participatory urban planning

An open and cooperative planning culture brings many advantages. Innovative and new solutions often emerge when people from different backgrounds come together, encouraging openness to mutual learning and exchange of expert knowledge with local wisdom. This, in turn, creates trust and transparency and increases the acceptance towards new urban development projects.

Our services:

  • Development of integrated concepts for city districts and city locations based on comprehensive stakeholder and potential analyses
  • Management of stakeholder processes: expectation management, design of multi-stakeholder networking processes, design and implementation of suitable participation formats
  • Development of cooperative architectural competition formats: integration of relevant expert and local knowledge into urban planning and architecture competitions; support of the architectural competition design 
  • Branding concepts for city districts 
  • Positioning strategies for municipalities 

Liveable neighbourhoods & city districts

Urban quality of life depends on many factors. A liveable city is a "city of short distances", which means that different services, including health care, leisure and education, can be reached within walking distance, by bike or by means of public transport. Despite increasing urban density, attractive public spaces and green areas should meet the different needs of local residents, allowing people to shape their immediate living environment.

Our services:

  • establishment of city district management centres and neighbourhood centres as a low-threshold place for information and participatory activities as well as a local hub between residents, companies and other organisations, city administration and property developers.
  • temporary use of space as a planning strategy for cooperative urban development: potential analysis, demand surveys and implementation, including management of the so-called „precaria“ (a form of land tenure in which a petitioner receives a property for a specific amount of time without any change of ownership)
  • public space and urban green: Awareness-rising activities on the importance and different functions of public spaces and urban green; potential analyses and demand surveys; cooperative development and implementation of the green infrastructure
  • liveable ground-floor spaces: demand surveys, overall development plan (thematic zoning, rent subsidy models), coordination and mediation between potential users, owners and city administration

Awareness raising, learning and knowledge transfer

Awareness raising, learning and knowledge transfer are essential components that ensure sustainability and development potential of a city in its dynamic environment. We offer open and creativity-promoting learning formats outside the usual seminar room settings. 

Our services:

  • Design of customized online and offline training concepts for businesses, municipalities, schools and citizens on different topics related to sustainable urban development 
  • Study tours and excursions to innovative urban development sites and projects in Austria and Europe
  • „Stadt.mahlzeit“ („city.meal“) as an informal format for the exchange of experience on the selected urban issues 

Funding application management

Even the best idea needs financing in order to be successfully implemented. We offer a professional funding application management from idea generation to submission of the final proposal within the framework of the national and European funding programs.

Our services:

  • Funding application management: Idea generation and project design, networking activities and support in identifying cooperation partners from science, business and public sector, selection of suitable funding programs, drafting project proposals, cost calculation