We develop projects in urban environments and implement these in collaboration with clients and cooperation partners.

Vibrant city areas and districts

  • Design and implementation of city area / city district management
  • Cooperative branding („city district branding“)
  • Support/Counseling of urban identity processes (e.g. pulse / temporary use concepts)

Strategy and process consulting in urban development projects

  • Counselling / ongoing evaluation of city (district) development projects with the aim of maximum balance of interests between the participating stakeholder groups
  • Stakeholder involvement // design and implementation of partizipation processes for the integration of concerned citizens and other stakeholder groups
  • Cooperative project development in the field of innovation, research and development (including consulting and management of national and European funded projects)
  • Strategy and process consulting for city administration, real estate developers and investors

Urban system integration

  • System integration of different urban technologies with various services
  • Potential analyses for integrating renewable energies in urban energy systems

Smart City Academy

  • Targeted information, PR, awareness raising as well as training and continuing education in cooperation with professional educational institutions
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops, networking events