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Meeting point for the urban district: Office of Neighbourhoods

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The Office of Neighbourhoods is a place of neighbours. A place where you can meet easily. A space for ideas, negotiation and community. As urban district center in the Kernstockgasse 20 (8020 Graz/Gries) this is a place for information, participation, interaction and community.

Where: Kernstockgasse 20 | 8020 Graz-Gries

When: Tuesday& Wednesday 2 to 6 p.m.| Thursday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.| as well as on appointment


Specific objectives are: to improve communikation and networking; to set up communication structures; to deal with conflict issues respectively to prevent conflicts; to discover existing problems as well as potentials; to identify risks and opportunities; to disseminate information; to create places for opportunites and to increase the quality of life for all the citizens in the district; to secure long-term financing; to strengthen cooperations with other city district centers and similar (local) initiatives and to exploit synergies.


The target groups are: 60+, families, children up to 12 years, migrants, asylum seekers, vulnerable groups, men and women, transidentities, local initiatives, municipal institutions, political representatives, property developers.

Further information:


Christian Sprung, M.A.
Phone: 0676/4068816
E-Mail: christian.sprung@stadtlaborgraz.at
Web: www.stadtlaborgraz.at

Since April 2014

wohnungswesen stadt

This project is funded by the Department of Housing of the City of Graz.