Floating Fleet – Feasibility Study for a Floating Fleet Operation in the e-bike rental system by electronic bicycle locks

The e-bike rental system of the model region of the larger metropolitan area of Graz (Graz Bike) is currently not suitable for a free floating operation, whereby usability and attractiveness for potential users are insufficient.
The overall objective of the project is to research the feasibility of a Floating Fleet for Graz Bike via a retrofit electronic bicycle lock (e-cylinder) incl. a smartphone control app for booking and using. Within the framework of a pilot phase a few prototypes will be built in order to test suitability for practical application as well as potential transferability to other model regions.

Expected results:

  • Smartphone-App for operating the e-cylinder, map presentation in order to find available bicycles and connection to the existing booking system
  • Server-Infrastructure incl. integrated interface for the operation with Graz Bike
  • Bluetooth-Code and GPS-Position-Server-Platform
  • 10 prototypes of the e-cylinder for the pilot phase
  • Evaluation report of the pilot phase
  • Final report (feasibility study)


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January 2014 bis December 2015

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The project „Floating Fleet“ is supported as a part of the „Modell region E-Mobility 2013“ by the Climate and Energy Funds.