Smart Mürz – Development of a Smart City Region Mürz

The project „Smart Mürz“ wants to actively counteract the strong migration tendencies in the upper Mürz Valley by strengthen the quality of life in the urban axis of the region. So the cities and communities along the Mürz Valley as a unit become more attractive.

The overall objective of the project is to develop a vision for a sustainable and attractive „City Region Mürz 2050“ as part of a participative and collaborative strategy and planning process. This should be the foundation for a sustainable regional development of a currently shrinking region. The central concern is the best possible urban services at the lowest possible resource consumption and low greenhouse gas emissions while increasing the local creation of value and quality of life. The development of the vision occurs along central fields of actions/topics that are processed integrative and systematically, among other things

  • Energy and environment: reorganisation of the energy and mobility nets, resource conservation
  • Quality of life and attractiveness: development of a strategy for an attractive city region despite population decline
  • Living and leisure time: adaption of the urban residential areas; reorganisation of social infrastructure (schools, kindergartens and hospitals)
  • Work: integration of industrial and commercial areas for a sustainable utilization of the energy potential and the promotion of PPP between the city and companies
  • Transport and mobility: ensure the accessibility of the city region by public transport respectively demonstration of alternative models

Expected results:

  • Cross-system potential and environment analysis
  • Smart City Vision Mürz 2050: Formulation of a regional development vision for the cities and communities along the Mürz Valley, for the people in the small region and definition of a „liveable Smart City Region Mürz“.
  • Roadmap and Action Plan: Based on the priorities of the Smart Vision Mürz 2050 and the master plans included, a roadmap with concrete future measures and agreed action plan will be developed.
  • Activation and involvement of the relevant stakeholders to coordinate the project and its results and to ensure the acceptance and identification of the population.
  • Preparation of the results for the know how transfer and as basis for the preparation of a smart city demonstration project for the implementation of the action plan.

Project management and contact:

Schnitzer-Hans klein web
StadtLABOR Graz
Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Hans Schnitzer
Phone: +43 316 22 89 46
E-mail: hans.schnitzer[at]


  • Technical University of Graz (
  • Engineering Office for Urban and Regional Planning DI Kampus (
  • Regional Development Association of Mürzzuschlag (

01.07.2014 – 30.06.2015

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The project „Smart Mürz“ is supported as part of the „Smart Cities Demo“ programme by the Climate and Energy Funds and co-financed by the Province of Styria.